EWoT: Zarya Alkaese

Zarya Alkaese is a member of the Kin in Ebou Dar who went by the name Garenia Rosoinde.


She is from Saldaea.

She is strong in the One Power by Aes Sedai standards,matching Lelaine Akashi and Romanda Cassin, Moiraine Damodred and Siuan Sanche - a strength of 13(1).

She ran away from the White Tower as a novice about 70 years ago, and is around 90 years old. She was a novice for two years with Careane Fransi.

She wanted the Kin to accept wilders, and she taught girls who could learn to channel, even though this was forbidden among the Kin.


She has dark tilted eyes and a hooked nose and wide mouth.


Introduction of the Kin

Using the name Garenia Rosoinde, she meets Elayne Trakand and Nynaeve al'Meara in her house when Setalle Anan deposits them there mistaking them for runaway novices. Setalle seems to think Garenia is a runaway novice from the White Tower called Zarya Alkaese. When Elayne and Nynaeve refuse any help Reanne Corly sends them on their way.

She is present on the farm when Elayne and Nynaeve arrive with their group and the Bowl of the Winds. She faints when she spots the Aes Sedai in the group. She is part of the thirteen women who link up and channel into the Bowl of the Winds to change the weather.

Returned to novice white

She is found out to be a runaway by Adeleas Namelle and is put back into novice white again along with Kirstian, who confessed to also be a runaway novice. The two novices work out that the murderer of Adeleas must have been an Aes Sedai. Zarya is now solely taught by Vandene Namelle.

She is with Vandene when the Aes Sedai tells Elayne the news of Reanne's death.

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